Roni Iron


   Roni Iron was born in Athens in 1981 and today he lives permanently in Nafplio. After 20 years in the industry, he is now considered one of the leading music producers in the Electronica / Lounge / Uptempo / House scene.
   To date, Roni Iron has worked with great names such as James Lavelle, Deep Dish, Infected Mushroom and others.Over the last 5 years, Roni Iron has been standing out for his nostalgic adaptations on well-known Greek songs and classical poems. In 2016, at the invitation of Giannis Haroulis a famous Greek Singer, he presented live on stage the very successful, original DubTrip Mix of the his song "Crazy", which was heard by more than 25,000 people. Among other things, he has released original music adaptation of Cavafi’s ("Apolipin o theos antonion – K.karampeti), and adaptation of Matoula Zamani (Natassa Bofiliou)
   In 2016 he released his first Video Clip in D2E's top titled "In Love," while Candada and "Let's Come for a while" were included in the Buddha Bar Collection! His latest track, Sandrina has been very successful in Turkey, staying for more than 10 weeks in Dance Top 40 / Shazam top 100 / Itunes # 9 Top 200, while also releasing the song "Nostalgia" in Turkey's biggest record label. A new remix on CREAL band is already released by Feelgood Records while a new EP is expected by Mahayana records.